Flight Support Services

Winning business strategies require winning teams — across the globe.

On-the-ground experience and local knowledge can be essential when dealing with new territories. This is one of many areas in which Aviatrans can really make a difference for you.

Our Flight Support team will provide unrivalled support to your flight operations department. Drawn from key areas of the industry—including aircrew, ATC (Air Traffic Control), flight dispatch, and ground operations—our team undergoes regular training to ensure that they continue to be up-to-date with the latest company, flight operations, and related regulatory requirements. Using the expertise of our globally dispersed team plus our network of partners in many countries, we are well positioned to offer you the local support you require in a timely manner and to ensure that every last detail has been attended to. That’s why our clients trust us to provide complete flight support solutions for them.

Our consulting services include:

  • Accommodation and Transportation — worldwide contacts enable us to obtain preferential rates.
  • Handling and Ramp Coordination Services — years of global experience mean we can find you appropriate ground handling agents wherever you fly.
  • Flight Tracking — real-time, 24-hour Flight Support teams will keep a watchful eye on departure and arrival times, airport slots, and positioning flights.
  • Operations Update — our 24-hour flight watch system enables us to provide regular updates on all aspects of your airline operations.
  • Flight Crew Briefing Document — generating computer flight plan, weather and wind analysis, NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen).
  • Other Briefing Documents — our comprehensive brief for out-of-base conditions offers our clients valuable information on the local geographical area, as well as, useful tips for a smoother integration into everyday life in that culture – e.g. airport locations and facilities, tips on the indigenous culture.

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